Melissa Rifkin

Registered Dietician & Nutrition Coach

Activity and nutrition go hand-in-hand. No matter your end goal, there’s a way to attain it.

Why is sustained energy important to you?

As a dietitian, I talk a lot about the importance of eating foods that are meaningful, meaning how they impact the way we feel and our energy level. No matter who you are or what you do, feeling clear and energized affects your outlook on everything.

What role does protein play in your life?

Incorporating lean protein into your diet is important for a number of reasons. We need protein not only to help our bodies repair and make new cells, but protein is essential for growth, development, and energy. Balance is key, and protein is the foundation to a healthy life.

Why is it important to have goals?

Goals are the gateway to a better, healthier you. Start small and build off each goal you reach. Goals keep us motivated and moving forward. They are a reward you earn and give to yourself.

Buffalo Style Chicken
Buffalo Style Chicken