Ally Tippetts

Spartan Athlete

Your body is not Amazon Prime. Don’t expect it to show up in 2 days.

Why is sustained energy important to you?

I am training all the time. I’m active all the time. Being able to push through a day that involves intense training and my professional life as a PA requires choices and fuel that keeps my energy at the level where I need it.

What role does protein play in your life?

Protein is an important part of my diet. Lean protein is an edge for all athletes and active people who are looking to progress and perform at a higher level.

Why is it important to have goals?

I used to think that I couldn’t do certain things that men could do because people told me I couldn’t. I just wouldn’t try in fear of proving them right. It took me a while to overcome my insecurities and committed to goals I wanted to achieve. And setting those goals have led to so many personal rewards.

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