Adam Thielen

Pro Football Wide Receiver

One day at a time. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s my mentality for everything.

Why is sustained energy important to you?

Being a professional football player takes a lot of energy. A LOT. It’s physical and mental and you have to be ready all the time. And it doesn’t stop when I get home. Just ask my son Asher.

What role does protein play in your life?

If I don’t eat right, I feel it. And that has an impact on how I perform. Protein, whether I’m in season or training in the off season, keeps me fueled to do all the things I need to do.

Why is it important to have goals?

Without setting goals for myself, I would not be playing in the game I love for a living. Goals give us something to work towards. And there’s no better feeling when that hard work, and belief in yourself, pays off. I’m a testament to that.

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